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Deep Listening & Reflection

The act of giving voice to our inner experience and having that voice heard facilitates thinking feeling and knowing what we must do.

How I Use Dialogue

Giving Voice & Being Heard

In some ways describing the role of dialogue is the easiest of the three components of my work, yet probably the most difficult to actually do. There are myriad ways two humans can enter into dialogue. The form of dialogue that I use to help support the decision-making process is based in my training as a psychologist. Our conversation will be focused on you and the process you are going through. 

My task is to facilitate your process by creating a safe, inclusive and open environment. To do this I will listen deeply and assure that you are heard, provide a space for you to ‘think out loud’, help you to stay focused and purposeful as you explore your situation, options, values, and needs.

My task is not to give you suggestions, try to solve your problems, or tell you what to do. That would just get in your way, and chances are you already have people in your life willing to do those things (if not, just get on youtube and you will find them).

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